Participants will enjoy a total of 8 different Bourbons, one at each venue. Expand your bourbon palate and please enjoy responsibly!


Old Forester

Appearance: Reddish, burnt orange

Nose: Rich vanilla, chocolate caramel, citrus, malt

Palate: Complex, sharp, dry chocolate-cocoa

Finish: Sweet, light then quickly drying

Burnside 4 Year

Appearance: Light amber

Nose: Corn, vanilla, oak

Palate: Oats, rye, vanilla, caramel, medium-bodied

Finish: Medium length, warming

Jack Daniel's

Appearance: Golden amber

Nose: Charred nut, burnt sugar

Palate: Off-dry medium bodied, caramel, corn, white pepper

Finish: Hot, caramel water fade


Appearance: Medium amber

Nose: Spice, sweet oak

Palate: Maple, oak, nutmeg

Finish: Long, dry, satiny, light-toffee flavor




*Bourbons subject to change depending on availability. Replacements, if any, will be equal or better.

Maker's Mark

Appearance: Deep amber

Nose: Fruit, honey, oak

Palate: Red Winter Wheat, lush, malty, nuttiness

Finish: Dry, brief, warming

Jim Beam

Appearance: Orange, russet

Nose: Vanilla and caramel notes.

Palate: Sweet, light caramel and vanilla flavors, woody char.

Finish: Long, crisp, and clean, with a gentle snap.


Four Roses Single Barrel

Appearance: Golden amber

Nose: Vanilla, fruity, caramel, maple

Palate: Spices, morello cherries, cocoa and vanilla

Finish: Long, very smooth, delicious


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 9.40.01 PM.png

Knob Creek

Appearance: Dark amber

Nose: Maple sugar, oak, nuts

Palate: Oak, fruit, caramel

Finish: Long, smooth with a kick