A Guide to Choosing an Excellent Monthly Whiskey Club

The month isn’t the end of your relationship with whiskey, so there’s no reason to stop buying it. Join a Whiskey of the Month Club and save money on the bottles you already plan to buy.

It’s the least expensive alternative for everybody, whether they’re a connoisseur or collector. You can check out some interesting new dishes and get your hands on some obscure bottles. If you don’t use these guidelines to choose the finest one, you won’t be able to join us in a round of “Cheers.”

What is a “Whiskey of the Month Club?”

Whiskey of the Month Clubs exists so that you can reward yourself regularly. The vendor delivers you a large selection of whiskies from all over the world after you sign up. You will receive full-sized bottles every month, as well as occasional items associated with the brand. Before signing up, here are 5 things to think about:

You shouldn’t join a Whiskey of the Month Club until you’re sure you’ll enjoy the selections. There is some work to be done because every single box is unique.

Affiliated Brands

When it comes to whiskey, not all subscription services have the same options. You can only pick and choose rare bottles at discounted rates in the most exclusive clubs. To figure out what you’ll receive, check out some customer reviews and a few shipment histories. Prices based on quantity can mislead you into spending more money for less. So, evaluate the quality while comparing the quantity. It’s wise to invest more money in things that will bring you lasting satisfaction.

Their Selection

The best clubs provide members with a wide selection of bottles and drinks to try out each month. The fact that you think that’s the way it works doesn’t mean you should be stuck in a monotonous membership. Both life and whiskey benefit from a dash of variety.


There should be a variety of possibilities to modify your regular delivery. So, experiment with different shipment dates and membership benefits until you discover the best fit.


Don’t focus solely on the price of your regular membership. Nonetheless, it should factor into your ultimate choice. Choose the least expensive alternative, or find other resourceful means of cutting costs.

Shipping Options

Think about the shipping options, when the product will be bottled, and who will answer your questions if you have any. Please contact the respective companies directly for further information on specific club structures.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Joining a Monthly Whiskey Club

The greatest strategy to locate the ideal club is to carefully compare available options. And because they vary, it’s wise to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before committing to one. After all, you’re getting your hands on some excellent bourbon soon. That’s a huge burden to bear.

There’s More to Joining a Whiskey of the Month Club Than Just the Whiskey Itself

Travel the world without leaving your house with the help of these clubs. You might be enjoying a silky Kentucky bourbon one month, a peaty Islay Scotch the next, and a uniquely rich Canadian rye the next. The more whiskies you try, the more you’ll learn to recognize regional differences in flavor and the quality of the distillation process, making you a more discerning whiskey drinker. When you sign up for a service, you’re getting access to a universe of carefully selected content and activities.

There’s more to these groups than just free drinks; there’s also the opportunity to learn new things. whiskey of the Month Club shipments often contains reading materials for members. Tasting notes, distillery histories, and recommended meal pairings are all possible extras. Each shipment will give you insight into whiskey’s history and cultural significance. Each delivery becomes a mini-masterclass in whiskey knowledge, and the more you drink, the more you’ll appreciate what you’ve learned.

Keep in Mind That These Clubs Also Provide a Social Media Outlet

Whiskey is a social drink, so joining a Whiskey of the Month Club can help you make new friends. In many wine clubs, members communicate with one another through online discussion forums or social media groups. Sharing bottles with like-minded individuals elevates the whiskey-drinking experience beyond that of a casual hobby.

Think About the Exclusivity and Status of the Whiskey of the Month Clubs You’re Comparing

Because of their close relationships with distilleries and companies, several clubs have exclusive early-release or limited-edition whiskies available only to their members. You can take your whiskey taste to the next level with these limited-edition products by getting your hands on rare and sought-after bottles. Being a part of such a club can add a level of distinction and exclusivity to your whiskey experience that will make every glass taste that much better. In the end, it’s not only about the whiskey when deciding on the greatest club; it’s about the total experience, including the education, camaraderie, and exclusivity. So, here’s something to mull on before you join your preferred Whiskey of the Month Club:

The Pros:

  • You’re supplied with whiskey regularly;
  • Typically, memberships are cancellable whenever you like;
  • Membership programs often include free shipping;
  • Club members can choose their delivery schedule and rewards.
  • The majority of shipments are insured by the retailer against loss or damage.
  • Club purchases might be more cost-effective, and they often have brands and flavours that aren’t widely available in stores.


This is an extremely hassle-free method to try out or stock up on, premium whiskey at rock-bottom costs.

The Cons:

  • Consistent deliveries entail consistent charges to your credit card or bank account.
  • There could be a minimal activation or cancellation fee.
  • The membership doesn’t usually include shipping expenses.
  • Shipping risks include broken bottles.
  • Some clubs may have higher than average shipping insurance premiums.
  • The WOM clubs are not always cost-effective.


It’s a risky endeavor that requires diligent subscription management for maximum satisfaction. While taking the plunge on a whiskey subscription box isn’t without its risks, it does guarantee a good time every month. If you take the time to read the bylines, you can reduce the likelihood of being scammed.

The Verdict is in

It’s simple to locate a reliable Whiskey of the Month Club. It’s not easy to decide, and once you sign up, you’ll be responsible for a recurring monthly charge. The positive aspect is that most memberships are cancellable at any time. The downside is that if you do this, you will no longer be sent fresh bottles of whiskey.