Luxurious Stays at the World’s Premier Distillery Hotels

The Isle of Raasay Distillery Whisky Hotel

The Whisky Hotel on the grounds of the Isle of Raasay Distillery is an exemplar of 21st-century opulence. As the 2022 Scottish Whisky Distillery of the Year and the 2022 Tourist Hotspot of the Year, this iconic building is an indicator for people seeking a genuine whisky experience. Just a brief ferry ride from Skye brings you to the scenic Isle of Raasay, where you can learn everything about the intriguing method of whisky making. Their famous single malt Scotch, along with the elegant lodgings, stunning scenery, and delicious food, make for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Whisky Experiences

  • On-Site Distillery: One of the unique features of the Isle of Raasay Distillery Whisky Hotel is the chance to reside in the very building where the whisky magic happens. Guests can witness firsthand the intricate process that produces the acclaimed single malt Scotch.
  • Exclusive Tastings: The hotel offers specialized tasting sessions, where guests can indulge in the distillery’s renowned smoky single malts. Each tasting is designed to educate guests about the rich history and unique flavor profile of Raasay whiskies.
  • Food Pairings: Beyond simple tastings, the hotel’s culinary team crafts dishes that complement and enhance the flavor profiles of the whiskies, offering guests a gourmet experience that celebrates the synergy between food and spirit.


  • Luxury Rooms: Each room at the Isle of Raasay Distillery Whisky Hotel is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring guests enjoy a blend of comfort, luxury, and scenic views.
  • Panoramic Vistas: Nestled in a pristine location, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the surroundings, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the island while sipping on their favorite dram.

Cost per Night: Starting at $350, prices are subject to change based on seasonality and room selection.

Glenmorangie House

Glenmorangie House, a blend of old-world charm and contemporary style, is nestled in the Scottish Highlands. Their foresight transformed a staid hotel into a spectacle of eye-popping hues, sumptuous fabrics, and whimsical touches like the occasional big giraffe ornament. The hotel’s proximity to the nearby Glenmorangie distillery is a major selling point for visitors to Tain. They recently acquired by LVMH, might be the next game-changing whisky hideaway.

Wyoming’s Brush Creek Ranch Has Some of the Best Bourbons in the West

At Brush Creek Ranch, you may experience the magic of the American West in its purest form. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of activities at this Saratoga, Wyoming, resort that spans a whopping 30,000 acres. There is a wide variety of places to stay, from rustic log cabins to plush yurts by the creek. The distillery’s dedication to producing whiskies that capture the West’s character is what draws in bourbon fans. Their rye and bourbon honor American whisky traditions with their rich, earthy flavors. This Western adventure is amplified by activities like horseback riding and fishing.

Whisky Experiences

  • Distillery Tours: Brush Creek Ranch allows guests to walk through the heart of their distillery, understanding the meticulous process that brings their rye and bourbon whiskies to life. The tours provide insights into the techniques that harness those flavors.
  • Barrel Sampling: A unique opportunity, guests can savor the rye and bourbon directly from the cask, tasting the spirit in its most authentic form.
  • Whisky Tastings: Expert-led sessions introduce guests to the range of whiskies crafted at the ranch, emphasizing the distinct profiles and histories of each variant.


  • Rustic Cabins: A blend of comfort and rustic charm, these cabins evoke the essence of the wild west.
  • Luxury Yurts: For those desiring a touch of novelty, the yurts, nestled by the creek, come equipped with modern amenities and a wood-burning stove, ensuring a cozy atmosphere.
  • Cost per Night: Starting at $750, prices may vary based on season and specific accommodation choices.

Station Hotel in Rothes, Moray

The Station Hotel in Speyside has been around since 1901, making it a historical artifact in the world of whisky. The hotel’s convenient location in the whisky-rich region of Moray makes it a jumping-off point for visits to famous distilleries. The 500 whiskies within the Spirits Safe bar, most of which come from nearby distilleries, are a veritable treasure mine for connoisseurs. Visitors are drawn in by the impressive display of rare whiskies, and they are guided through a rewarding Speyside experience by knowledgeable personnel.

Cantilever, Minnesota: Where History and the Future Collide
Cantilever Distillery Hotel, located in Ranier’s fishing village, is a reminder of the lively history of the area during Prohibition. It was given its moniker because the old cantilever bridge was a major crossing point for Canadian bootleggers. Craft spirits made in-house are now easy to serve to guests. The Spirits Room is a showcase for their traditional and cutting-edge bourbon and rye. The rooftop spa and industrial-decorated rooms provide the ideal setting for rest and rejuvenation.

Whisky Experiences

  • Distillery Exploration: Cantilever invites its guests to dive into the world of modern whisky-making, highlighting the fusion of age-old traditions and innovative approaches that give rise to their craft spirits.
  • Cocktail Room Sessions: Beyond just tastings, Cantilever’s Cocktail Room offers masterclasses where rye and bourbon whiskies are transformed into artful cocktails, reflecting the versatility of these spirits.
  • Craft Spirit Sampling: The distillery prides itself on its range of in-house spirits, and guests can indulge in curated tasting sessions, exploring the nuanced flavors of each offering.


  • Industrial-decorated Room: These rooms, marked by high ceilings and contemporary decor, cater to guests seeking a blend of luxury and modern aesthetics.
  • Rooftop Spa Access: While not strictly whisky-related, the rooftop spa is an added perk for those staying at Cantilever, providing an oasis of relaxation after a day of spirit exploration.

Cost per Night: Starting at $280, with variations based on room preferences and seasonal demands.

These whisky inns show the range and complexity of bourbon as it sweeps the globe. In each different location, whisky lovers may experience the whole spectrum of the industry from grain to glass. No matter where they go, fans of bourbon and whisky are sure to have a memorable experience, be it on the historic banks of Minnesota or the vast terrains of Wyoming.

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