Whiskey Aficionado’s Paradise: Top 7 Must-Have Whiskey Magazines

Here you will find the best whiskey magazines available anywhere. You can learn a lot of interesting and useful things about whiskey from any of them. No matter how much or how little experience you have with whiskey, you will find something to your liking here.

Whiskey Magazine

Whiskey Magazine, which seeks to be the best possible companion for those who enjoy the “water of life” by publishing eight times a year and offering an online edition via its website, has published more than 170 issues.

What It Offers:

  • A mix of content all about whiskey in both online and print forms.
  • Cool articles on a bunch of topics:
  • Tips on collecting whiskies (for all you treasure hunters!)
  • Tasting advice (sip and enjoy!)
  • Pairing whiskey with food
  • Understanding those tricky whiskey blends and brands.
  • Missed an issue? No worries! You can order any past issue.

American Whiskey Magazine

To those interested in whiskey, especially those interested in American expressions, American Whiskey Magazine stands out as a significant publication. This journal is published bimonthly and is well-respected for its in-depth articles, insightful features, and recent news regarding the wide world of American whiskey. Brand profiles, interviews with influential industry figures, and in-depth articles exploring American whiskey’s cultural and historical contexts may all be found in each issue. Expert tasting notes and reviews are also included in the magazine to help readers select and enjoy various expressions.

Even though bourbon and rye are the backbones of American whiskey, American Whiskey Magazine delves into other forms of whiskey, like single malts and blends, to show the diversity and vitality of the industry. The high-resolution photographs and clean design of the magazine are also praised for improving the quality of the reading experience. American Whiskey Magazine is an indispensable resource that deepens the appreciation and knowledge of this treasured spirit for everyone with an interest in American whiskey, from the inquisitive beginner to the seasoned expert.

Iris Whiskey Mag

Irish Whiskey Magazine, which debuted in March 2020, has rapidly gained notoriety among whiskey connoisseurs, particularly those with an interest in the Irish whiskey sector. With four editions each year, this magazine provides an in-depth look at the dynamic field of Irish whiskey. Features on distilleries and major players in the industry, in-depth assessments of whiskey, and analysis of market trends can all be found in each issue. The magazine’s reputation for historical coverage and emphasis on Irish whiskey’s distinctive cultural importance gives it additional appeal among whiskey connoisseurs.

Irish Whiskey Magazine Highlights:

  • Dive deep with interviews:
  • Chatting with pro blenders and distillers.
  • Ever wonder how whiskey is made?
  • Journey with us from grain to glass.
  • Love print or digital?
  • Available both online and in hard copy (for those who love that new magazine smell).
  • Where to grab a copy?
  • Head over to their online shop or check some local bookstores (yes, they’re still a thing).
  • Thinking of subscribing?
  • Digital for a year is just €20. If you’re old school, print’s €40 (plus shipping).
  • From seasoned sippers to curious beginners:
  • They’ve got stories that’ll make anyone excited about Irish whiskey.

The Unfiltered Magazine

Unfiltered Magazine, founded in 2007, is a quarterly publication of the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society out of Edinburgh, Scotland that delves deeply into the world of whiskey. Each of the four issues is a beautiful homage to the world of fine spirits, with extensive features, exquisite photography, and thoughtful commentary devoted to Scotch whiskey in particular.

This publication offers tasting notes, in-depth interviews with prominent figures in the whiskey industry, and articles exploring whiskey’s cultural and historical relevance. Unfiltered Magazine is unique among whiskey publications because it also features content on cuisine, travel, literature, and the arts. Unfiltered is only available through the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society, and the cost of membership to the Society is rolled into the magazine’s cover price.

The magazine is only one perk of the £65 annual membership fee, which also grants access to the society’s private single-cask whiskies, tasting events, and venues. Those interested in Scotch whiskey and the culture around it should make it a point to subscribe to Unfiltered Magazine, which is only available to members of certain whiskey societies.


Whiskeria, a premium whiskey newspaper founded in Scotland in 2005, includes in-depth articles, expert interviews, and features that bring the world of whiskey to life. The Whiskey World publishes four issues a year, one for each season. Each issue corresponds to a distinct season and often focuses on a different theme or region of whiskey. Whiskeria provides in-depth information about whiskey to its users. The magazine strives to please both the knowledgeable whiskey expert and the inquisitive novice with features on illustrious distilleries and tasting notes, as well as in-depth explorations of whiskey culture, history, and the current industry news.

Personal touches are added through interviews with well-known whiskey industry figures and whiskey enthusiasts alike. The journal also includes tempting recipes, information on visiting whiskey-producing regions, and suggestions for presents for whiskey enthusiasts. Whiskeria is a free magazine that can be picked up at any location of The Whiskey World in the UK. It is one of the most frequently read whiskey magazines in the UK, with a readership of over 120,000 thanks to its widespread distribution and high-quality content.

Cask and Still Magazine

Cask & Still Magazine, published in Scotland, is widely regarded as the definitive reference for aficionados of the spirit. The journal, which debuted in the spring of 2015, calls Scotland—the whiskey industry’s spiritual home—its home base. Its focus is on Scotland’s storied whiskey industry, from distilleries to the history and folklore surrounding the drink.

What’s Inside Cask & Still Magazine?

  • Comes out three times a year, perfect for all – from whiskey newbies to experts.
  • What to expect:
    – Deep dives into distillery profiles.
    – Easy-to-understand essays on how whiskey is made.
    – Tasting notes for the curious palate.
    – The latest scoops from the whiskey universe.
  • Fan favorites:
    – “101 whiskies to try before you die” section – the ultimate whiskey bucket list.
    – Regular features on Scotland’s yummy foods and must-visit spots.
  • Where to find it:
    – Local shops in Scotland have it on their shelves.
    – Want to subscribe? Head online.
  • Accessibility is key:
    – Digital edition? That’s free for everyone, anywhere.
    – Prefer print? It’s a modest £4.95 per issue.

Whiskey Quarterly

The premium whiskey publication Whiskey Quarterly made its debut in 2015. This quarterly publication is aimed at the discerning palates of whiskey aficionados. The journal features an in-depth analysis of the top whiskies alongside other original and thought-provoking pieces. One of the many reasons it made our list of the best whiskey magazines is that it is produced by a team of professionals from the beverage business and spirits writers.

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